The most expensive 10 dog breeds in the world

The most expensive 10 dog breeds in the world

There is no need to explain the love of the world and perhaps his obsession with dogs. If you see a beautiful or small dog in the street accompanied by one of them, you will most likely stop to stare at him closely or approach him and manipulate him a little, as many people spend hours watching videos of cute little puppies over and over again, these are Puppies that have millions of followers on sites such as Instagram, but what the majority do not know is that the owners of these dogs may have often spent thousands of dollars to acquire some of their rare species.
Have you ever wondered about the prices of some of the most expensive dogs in the world? You may be surprised when you discover that some of them are close to $ 8,000, and can sometimes reach $ 2 million. Here is a list of the most expensive species and some information about them:

10. King Charles Spaniel:

Often the prices for dogs of this famous British breed range from $ 1,800 to $ 3,500, and are silky smooth fur dogs and their tail is soft and not manicured, and the breed has four colors: Blenheim (chestnut and white), Tricolor (black/white/other), and black The smallest, darkest red.
Generally this strain is affectionate, affectionate, calm, and good at dealing with both children and other animals, but it requires a lot of interaction with humans, and since it is the type that loves the family it is advisable not to leave it alone for long periods. The general average age of a (King Charles Spaniel) dog is ten years or less, and its weight ranges between 6 to 8 kilograms, and its height is about 30 cm.

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9. Pharaonic dogs:

It was named this name in relation to its royal and leadership appearance, and the average price for this species ranges between 1.800 dollars to 2000 dollars, and its origin goes back to the island (Malta) where it was used for hunting rabbits and there is no genetic evidence linking this type to ancient Egypt except that there is a legend that says that it descends It is an ancient Egyptian hound type.
These dogs are characterized by being smooth, between 53 and 70 cm in length and weighing between 15 to 23 kg, and their fur is short, flat, shiny, yellowish-brown, or pure red, with an average age of 12 to 14 years.

8. Dogs Akita:

This type is often confused with the famous Shiba Ino type too. The average price of the Akita dog can range from $ 800 to $ 1,000, to get it you have to import it from Japan often, and the history of this The breed was only 400 years old and was originally used to guard Japanese nobles and participated in hunting.
Characterized as being strong, independent, and dominant, but she is affectionate and kind to her family, the male has a length of 70 cm and weighs between 45 to 59 kg, and her average age is between 10 to 12 years. The breed has an American type that also varies in color and shape, and is generally sensitive to diseases and some types of medication.

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7. The "Irish Wolf" Dog:

The price of this breed, whose name was derived from its mission and not from its appearance, ranges between about 1.800 to 2000 dollars on average, and it is a very old breed introduced to Ireland thousands of years ago to hunt wolves and guard and is considered a friendly and kind dog with humans, especially with children and other dogs. It is not always pleasant with other animals especially small ones, and it is often gray, brown, red, black, white, yellow, and light brown. The male weighs 54 kilograms and the minimum height is 81 cm, and the average age of this species is 7 years.

6. Rottweiler:

It is also called (Rottweiler), which those who hope to buy a puppy from its breed must expect a price ranging between 2500 and 4000 dollars, and from the name of the name it is clear that the origin of the breed that descended from Germany since the era of the ancient Roman Empire, as it accompanied the Roman army factions along the Alps To guard his camps, and his main purpose is still to guard him because of the ferocity, ferocity, intelligence, and bravery he is known for, as well as his love for its owner, as it is used in hunting sometimes. Its height ranges between 56 to 65 cm, and its weight ranges from 38 to 50 kg, and it lives from 8 to 10 years.
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5. Greyhound:

This species, originally from the Middle East, preserved its name, Saluki, which may return to Sumerian origins after it spread in the world at a price between $ 600 and $ 800, but it is among the oldest known breeds, and as it is known it was used in hunting and perhaps the first to He trained him for this task, they are the Arabs to track and hunt deer, but it may be difficult to train often and it is generally not possible to trust his return to his owner when he was released free for a long time because of his independent nature.
Greyhound dogs are quiet dogs who prefer to live inside the home, their height ranges between 58 and 71 cm and their weight ranges between 18-27 kg and lives between 12 and 14 years.

4. Puppies Samoyed:

These dogs are famous for their soft and beautiful white fur, their price approaches $ 1,600, but it may reach $ 8,000. This breed is very similar to (Husky) dogs in various aspects. Husky dogs are similar to wolves, but what distinguishes them is their white color and always thick fur, and they are dogs that are loving and hyperactive to the point of inconvenience, but they are obedient and kind.
It is about 51 to 56 cm high, weighs less than 30 kg, and lives 12 to 13 years.

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3. Dogs Azawakh:

It is a rare fishing breed in Africa, specifically in Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso, although the original purpose of it was protection, and the average purchase price from 2000 dollars to 2500 dollars does not include the cost of shipping a rare breed to your doorstep of course.
They are very similar to hounds from the Middle East and South India, although there are many differences in nature and appearance, such as the flat short back and long legs where the hips are higher than the front ends and have slender eyes with almond shape and their fur has a variety of colors. The male weighs 20 to 25 kilograms and height from 64 to 74 cm and has an average age of 13 years.

2. Dogs Mastiff:

This huge breed is known as one of the most expensive breeds, as it costs an average puppy about 2,500 to 3,500 dollars, and some have been sold for nearly $ 2 million.
The lineage of this breed, as it is clear from its name, belongs to the Tibetan plateau and also lived in China, Nepal, India, and Mongolia, and was used by local Tibetan tribes to protect sheep from wolves, tigers, and bears.
The (Tibetan mastiff) dog is very similar to the dog of the "Caucasian Shepherd". It is called the lion of dogs for its size, strength, and hair density around its head. It reaches a height of 83 cm and weighs from 55 to 90 kg, and may reach 115 kg, it has many colors and its breeding may be considered the most difficult.

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1. Dog Lowchen:

Or simply "little lion", and this German breed dates back to at least 400 years, and the cost of buying a purebred puppy can reach $ 3000, which is a friendly, active, fun and very smart dog, and is an excellent pet home and suitable for families with young children.
They are also quiet and low-barking dogs that do not mind the companionship of other dogs, but they need human attention and will not be happy on their own. The male has a weight of 5.4 to 8 kilograms and a height of about 33 cm, and the average age ranges between 12 to 14 years.
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