10 information you may know for the first time about cats

10 information you may know for the first time about cats

Do you think you know everything about cats? While we may consider ourselves feline experts, there are must be something aspects you haven't thought about. You may even have heard some misconceptions about cats which have been accepted as fact for a long time. That's why AnimalWised brings you these 10 facts about cats you (probably) didn't know. They are not only interesting and fun facts, but they reveal something about how cats work which can give us a better idea of ​​feline nature. They can also help us to know how to better care for our cats as well as better understand our relationship together. If you want to know some more background, you can check  the article below.
10 information you may know for the first time about cats

1- Cats are more social than we think:

Cats are usually compared to dogs, so people who reject dogs see cats who are like conservative friends who silently sit in the corner and watch you, but cats also enjoy interacting with humans, according to scientists.
Having applied to a study conducted on cats, cats can enjoy interacting with humans more than they enjoy food, as 50 cats in this study were deprived of interacting with humans, food, toys, and odors a few hours, and after the period elapsed they were offered the four stimuli and the number of points that reached 50% Of the cats the interaction with humans influenced the other three possibilities.
These results indicate that cats are more social than we think and prove they are gentler than we are, so which of the humans would prefer someone over food?

2- Cats have independence:

This explains the difference between the liveliness of dogs when you see us, and the silence that the cat welcomes us to. The cat, so for one study, cats do not need their owners to feel as safe and secure as dogs.
Where the cat owners in the study took their cats with them to strange environments, it was noted that, despite those cats, I certainly enjoyed the company of their owners except the facility to produce less dependence on them.
The study of pet cats recently outperforms dogs as the most popular domestic animal in Europe, as many of these pet cats are ideal for people who work long hours. Previous research has shown that some cats show a "separation anxiety disorder" when their owners leave them as lonely as dogs do exactly, but our study shows that they perform more independent of many dogs and that we explain it is a disorder caused by separation anxiety that may be in Reality is a sign of frustration.
The study concluded that cats are not acceptable to their owners due to their nature, which makes them an independent hunt.
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3- The cats are in us:

10 information you may know for the first time about cats
According to the Ajna University research, the relationship between cats and humans is very similar to the relationship between humans, as the researchers who conducted this study analyzed the interaction between 44 cats and their owners over a period of time divided into four long sections.
The other finding of the study was that cats can often control the behavior of others and that if cat owners comply with their desire to interact, cats will over time comply with their owners' desires.

4- Emotional Cats:

John Bradshaw, the author of "Feeling Cats," states that when a cat exports a good, it indicates that it needs those who crave it, saying: "Cats have no great way to seek help - this is not found in their language - but it is You do a better thing for that: it is the release of the good.
According to "Sharon Crowell-Davis" (Sharon Crowell-Davis), professor of animal behavior at the University of Georgia, when a cat comes to you and wipes your foot with your body, this means that it embraces you. So when you are at work or school all day and your cat comes to you and wipes his body back and forth, this is a friendly behavior that expresses welcome.
Another book, titled "How to Talk to Cats: A Guide to Deciphering the Language of Cats", cites when the eyes are closed and slowly opened, which means that you trust you.

5- Cats are trying to talk to you:

Cats do not exchange meow with other cats, and the water they emit is intended only for humans in particular. Observations may be made of wild cats practicing the meow once every hundred hours, but pet cats have learned the meow to attract our attention, and during one of the studies that use the meow, cats are not intended for a specific command and use them only to attract human attention.
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10 information you may know for the first time about cats

6- Cats keep healthy:

You can see most cats do one of these four things: sleep, eat, run, or play. According to Veterinary Hub, cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping, so it's amazing what scientists found doing cats doing a lot of things that keep you healthy.
A study by the University of Minnesota found that people with cats could have a lower heart attack. They obtained data for 4,435 Americans between the ages of 30-75 and found the risk of death from heart attacks in 2435 participants who were raising cats at present or were raising them in the past was less than 30%.

7- Cats are smart like dogs:

Japanese scientists say these cats are as adept as dogs on certain memory tests, as they study 49 pet cats and others that can do cats remember interesting experiences such as eating one of their favorite meals.
In addition to these cats, dogs compete in various mental tests, such as responding to human gestures, facial expressions, and emotions.
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10 information you may know for the first time about cats

8- You can never make a cat love you:

The best way to make a cat love you according to two Swiss studies is to let her choose it. Where the first study was conducted in 51 Swiss homes where cats are raised and showed that the possibility of cats approaching people is greater when they sit and wait.
The second study showed that the interactions between cats and humans continue for a longer period and are more positive when the kitten initiates an activity and when it is decided when to end it.
Cat's body language may be mysterious and difficult to predict, but when you understand their signs you will find that you are much more compatible with their feelings, so adjust your behavior appropriately and the cats will give you confidence sooner or later.
One study has shown that people who watch videos of cats have more positivity and energy, and they also experience sadness, anxiety, and procrastination, so making them dominate our use of the Internet may be the best thing for all of us.

9. Cats do not taste sweet

The cat's sense of taste is not very supernatural, it is one of the few mammals that lack sweet-taste receptors according to a study in 2006.
This is mostly because cats need meat, not candy. After all, they are obligatory carnivores so they take their energy from protein instead of carbohydrates.
A study - published in January about cats' love of meat - reported the bones of two Chinese cats dating back 5,300 years ago.
One of them had a diet rich in sorghum, evidence that humans were most likely to feed animals, and also evidence that domestic cats were present in China early than thought, the researchers said.

10. Cats are constantly licking themselves to get rid of people's scents

Including your smell or perfume, cats do not like to keep any strange smells on their fur while using the sense of smell to determine their location and spheres of influence.
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