10 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make you should avoid it

10 fatal errors that dog owners make .. you should avoid it

With a dog in your house, the relationship grows day by day, and the dog becomes a friend that you cannot give up in your life. However, despite your eagerness to do everything in the best interest of your friend, the matter may not be free of some unnoticed mistakes that we will shed light on. Below.

1- Do not let your dog drive you while walking

Your lack of experience and circling the company of an untrained dog can lead to consequences that are not good at all, many cases of dog owners come due to sudden accidents as a result of trying to control their dogs outside without success.

2- Neglect in dealing with external insects

After hiking for a while in the company of your dog's garden, you may find some external insects attached to the skin which neglects many in the treatment, you should visit your vet immediately see any insects on the body of the dog to describe the correct treatment and methods of prevention, negligence in the treatment of that condition may aggravate the situation of the injury With more serious diseases.
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3- A bowl for your dog is always full

Among the most common faults of owners of animals, this behavior causes the animal to eat more food than he needs and therefore gain weight, in addition to not controlling his eating habits after that.

4- Not giving your animal enough movement

Many dog ​​owners neglect to give them enough movement that helps to strengthen the muscles and get rid of any accumulated fat. Dogs, like humans, have great susceptibility to obesity when neglecting movement regularly.

5- Leave the dog long periods alone without attention

It is cruel to leave dogs for long periods in closed places without attention, some people barely visit his animal once a day, which negatively affects your friend's psychological state and leads to the emergence of hostile behaviors that cannot be controlled later.
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6- Not observing children while playing with dogs

Although dogs are smart and loyal animals, leaving children alone with them is not good behavior, children by their nature may unconsciously interact with the animal and initiate violent behavior from them as a game, which leads to an animal reaction that may be violent as well.

7 - Share your food

Often, pets are left looking for food from under the dining table while their owners eat lunch or dinner. It is common to find people ejecting dog food. But sharing human food with your dog is very harmful to him.
There are a lot of foods that are not safe for your dog include some of these dairy products, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, biscuits, chocolate foods, and anything containing caffeine.
Also, the digestive system of your favorite dog is different from humans, and therefore most human food is not suitable for it.
Be strict and try to ignore the eyes watching you under the table. You should also train your dog to stay out of the kitchen or dining room while preparing food and eating.
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8- Shout at your dog and punish him when he barks

Barking is a method of communication between dogs, by barking the dog telling the owner that he feels threatened or afraid. You should not punish the dog for barking. This can have an emotional impact on his mind. Other times, punishing a dog can make him uncomfortable and prompt him to escalate into full aggression.
If your dog barks from something or someone, you should be grateful and appreciate it. A dog that does not bark is a dog that bites without warning.
When your dog barks, you should immediately remove him from the current situation. And look around to find out the reason for barking and deal with the situation accordingly.
Yelling at your dog is not a good idea, Unlike humans, dogs did not evolve to understand sounds. She is more experienced in reading body language. Yelling at the dog will cause him anger and tension, and he will not stop the wrong behavior.
You should not shout or punish the dog for its barking, also do not encourage the dog to bark while playing.

9 - stay all the time at home

If you prefer to stay at home, you better not keep the dog. Most dogs do not enjoy sitting at home all day.
When you leave the dogs alone while working throughout the day, it is common to find the dog is trying to entertain himself by sabotaging shoes or exploring garbage. Dogs need to go out and have fun.
A short walk in the morning or evening in a nearby park raises the mood of your furry friend. This will prevent him from obesity, which is one of the major health concerns for dogs.
Also, you have to teach your dog to play with balls or play with them. And ask your children to play with him. Many dogs love to run around children and this makes them very happy.
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10 - Use speech more than body language

It is very common to find pet lovers communicating with their furry friends using words. This is one of the biggest mistakes you make with your dog.
Dogs are not human, they can communicate by talking. Dogs cannot understand most of the things you say. But with training, they may be able to deduce the meaning of some keywords, such as walking and standing, eating and drinking, and so on.
The means of communication for dogs are primarily body language, olfactory signs, and some verbal communication.
To communicate with your pets, use body language as much as possible. Dogs are experts at reading the movements of the human body, and they can easily know what to think and feel.
Make sure that your body language matches what you say, otherwise there will be confusion as well as poor communication. It may take some time, physical practices, movements, and situations to get the response you want from your favorite dog.
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