The 10 richest pets in the world

The 10 richest pets in the world

Some people have great luck when writing him a great fortune, but the strangest thing is to find among the few lucky pets, here is a list of the richest pets in the world, published by the American "Time" magazine.

1- Gunther IV Dog

The "Ganther IV" dog leads the list of the richest animals in the world after the estimated his wealth at $ 227 million.
He inherited from the Austrian countess Carlotta Penstein after her death in 1992, and among the possessions of this dog was the mansion that Madonna lived in Miami and a villa in the Bahamas in addition to many resorts.

2- The Gramby Cat

The "Gramby" self-made millionaire cat ranks second in the list of the richest animals in the world, with a total personal wealth of $ 66 million, and "Gramby" is one of the most visible pets in American cinema.
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3- Dog Toby Remis

Toby comes third with a fortune he inherited from the head of the family of Ella Wendell, who is still adopting him, to now get nearly $ 40 million.

4- Blackie Cat

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Blackie is the richest cat in the world until 2010, after it was adopted by a British trader named Ben Re, to earn his fortune 13 million dollars.

5- Cat Tommaso

Cat Tomaso has a personal wealth of $ 8.5 million, ranking fourth among the world's richest animals.
Tommaso inherited her fortune from its owner, the Italian real estate mogul, which was in the form of a real estate portfolio that included apartments in the cities of Rome, Milan, and Villa in the province of Olgata, as well as land in the city of Calabria in addition to many other bank accounts.

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6- Triple bitch

Last year, she made the headlines, after she earned $ 12 million and inherited from her American real estate developer, Leona Helmsley.

7- Conchita dog

Conchita has a personal fortune of $ 6.8 million that puts it fifth in the list of the world's wealthiest animals, and Conchita is called "the world's most pampered dog."
Conchita inherited his fortune from American Jill Posner after her death in 2010.

8- Jeju chicken

She is the only one of its kind to come out on this list, with a fortune estimated at ten million dollars, and is owned by the wealthy Miles Blackwell, who left her this amount in 2000.

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9- Monkey Chunman

It was only about two years ago that the Kalu monkey is still the most expensive monkey in the world, but after buying an Indian couple for "Chunman" he became the most expensive after he had $ 8 million.

10- The cat Chupit

Chopit is ranked tenth among the richest animals in the world with a total personal fortune of $ 2.18 million and is owned by the famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, and she has a maid on her welfare as well as a private plane that is traveling on foreign trips.
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