How To Choose the name of your dog

 Choose the name of your dog

Choose the name of your dog

Have you adopted a dog? Congratulations!

Now the whole family will have to get together and ask themselves a fundamental question: "What do we call the dog? »

Choose a dog name with two syllables

Long names should be avoided. Otherwise, you will end up shortening it daily. A good way to test the name is to repeat it several times. If you are comfortable repeating it over and over again, this is the right choice of name. You sometimes see people calling their dog Stabilo for example, which is cute, but after five or six repetitions they get tired of it and call it "Stab".

Choosing a dog name that ends with a vowel

Names that end in a vowel change tone when you call your dog. This is important because dogs distinguish frequency ranges at a much higher level than we do. So a name that ends with a vowel is more effective at getting their attention.

Choose the name of your dog

Avoid dog names with negative connotations

You might think it's fun to name your puppy "Killer" or "Tornado", but it's a bad idea. Not everyone will want to pet a dog named "Killer" or keep a dog named "Tornado" at home.

Choosing a dog name that doesn't look like an order

Think about the orders you will frequently give your dog and choose a distinct name.

"SISI" could be confused with "SIT".

"STRASS" could be confused with "PLACE".

"ROQUETTE" could make him think it's time to eat his dog food...

Choose the name of your dog

Choose very different names for different dogs

Make sure that the names of your pets are different if you have several dogs or cats, otherwise you could create misunderstandings or even conflicts.

In other words, avoid calling one Junior and the other Medor because their endings are too similar.

Perform the "Nickname Test".

Over time you will tend to give your dog a nice nickname, which will be shorter or longer than the original. So test all combinations to see what you can do.

Think about the dog's personality

"Blacky" seems obvious for a black dog, "Snow" for a white dog. However, beyond the appearance of your puppy, his personality can guide you in the choice of his name. A playful dog could be called "Player", "Cuddly" will correspond better to a calm dog.

Choose the name of your dog

Choose a dog name and stick to it!

Be sure of your choice because you won't be able to change your mind. Inconsistency is a dog's worst enemy.

If you adopt a dog from a shelter, it will already have a name that you may want to change. But it's difficult. He has already gotten used to it and will have a hard time understanding the change.

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